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10 Tips for Wedding Planning Grooms


Here are a few ideas for you grooms who want to dive into wedding planning, but aren’t quite sure where to start. Planning your big day with your fiancée can be fun – just follow these ten tips to keep things going smoothly.


  1. Take Ownership – Be sure not to go into autopilot now that you’re engaged. Sit down with your fiancé and divide up the wedding planning tasks. Take on the jobs that are more interesting to you like finding a DJ or negotiating the financial contracts, etc. Whatever you can do to be more involved is key. It’s your wedding too.
  2. Play With Guns – Registry guns, that is. Along the same lines, get involved with your wedding registry as well. Remember that you are building a home together and you’ll be using those plate and flatware everyday. Plus, you may think of things you’ll need that your partner may forget. Come together as a couple and choose items that reflect your lifestyle together.
  3. Have an Opinion – If you hate purple, but your future wife is dying to register for a purple duvet, speak up and let her know. Suggest finding a duvet that you both like – after all you’ll be sleeping in that bed every night too.
  4. Pamper Your Lady – If you’re bride to be looks like wedding planning is zapping her usually happy demeanor, take her out to a romantic dinner, treat her to a massage or plan a quiet evening home alone with one another. She’ll love that you noticed her hard work and feel appreciated for her efforts.
  5. Play Middleman – Instead of having everyone in your family contact your bride-to-be with all of their “helpful” wedding suggestions and questions, have them talk to you. She already has enough to deal with in her own family – she shouldn’t have to answer to two demanding mothers. Take on your own family.
  6. Bring in the Recruits – Does it seem like you and your fiancé have gotten in too deep with the wedding planning thing? If so, suggest to your partner that you find a wedding planner or someone to help pick up the extra slack. If you’re both working full-time jobs and planning a wedding, things can get pretty hectic. It’s always nice to seek the advice from a professional who has done this many times before.
  7. Be a Good Listener – When your fiancée needs a willing ear, show up and be present with her. Planning a wedding is exciting and stressful.
  8. Organize the Guy Stuff – Take charge of tux fittings, bachelor party plans, and any other groom-related wedding tasks before she even has to ask. Find out what needs to be done and do it. Your lady will be impressed and thankful for your gestures.
  9. Choose Your Party Wisely – Make sure to choose groomsmen who will represent you with respect and tact on your wedding day.
  10. Keep the Romance Alive – Don’t get too caught up in planning to forget about your honey. Just because she said “yes” doesn’t mean you can cut back on the romance and courtship. Your wife-to-be will appreciate your efforts!
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