Fitting Form

Tape MesureHow to Measure a Man for a Suit

First, the jacket:

  • Measure the chest beneath the arms and over the shoulder blades, while keeping both arms hanging loosely by the sides
  • Measure the neck at the point where a buttoned collar comes up to.
  • Measure the sleeve length from the shoulder down the outside of the arm to the knuckle, with Suit Mesurmentsarm hanging loosely at the side
  • Trousers

  • Measure the waistline, being careful not to pull the tape measure tight. Add a little to the measurement or insert a finger under the tape measure so that the pants won’t be too tight.
  • Measure the outside seam of the pants from the belt to just below the ankle.
  • Take a pair of pants that fit properly and measure the inner seam from the top of the seam to the bottom of the pant leg

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Fitting Form


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